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 Loot System

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PostSubject: Loot System   Wed Aug 18, 2010 2:38 pm

I cannot believe i have to explain this again but here we go.

This is SIMPLE we use EPGP wich awards points for killing a boss. I WILL NOT CHANGE the way we loot as we have been using it for the last year and it worked FINE for every officer, core, raider and member of the guild.

It works as follows

CLASS PRIO : CORE DESERVE loot more than anyone else due to they never miss a raid, without them there are no raids !!!!!!

Raiders : 2nd on loot prio. ( The core group is so small the raiders get most of the loot )

Trails and members : You guys are new and walsing into a guild doing HC bosses doesnt guarantee you loot for the 1st 2 weeks of raiding.

If you dont like our system feel free to leave. The Council and its looting system is not open to discussion and it will not be changed.

There are no NINJA's in the guild and even the core grp will happely pass any loot unless its a MAJOR UPGRADE to what they have.

We cant raid without a good geared raiding force. So if you dont get loot today rest assured you will get loot tomorrow.


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Loot System
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