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 EPGP - Our looting system and how it works

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PostSubject: EPGP - Our looting system and how it works   Fri May 14, 2010 6:18 pm

This is how it works cheers

- Introduction -
EPGP stands for Effort Points/Gear Points. Effort Points (EP) quantify the effort each member put towards the, hopefully common, guild boss kills. Gear Points(GP) quantify what loot each member got back in return. Loot priority(PR) is computed as the quotient of the two.

The person with the higher PR gets the first say on loot. As a result, the more effort you put the more gear you receive. As a matter of fact, the gear you receive is proportional to the effort you put. EPGP is based on this simple principle.

EP= Effort points. This means the amount of DKP awarded per boss kill.
GP = Gear Points. This means the amount of DKP spent on the loot you recieved.


SO the person with the higest PR gets the loot.

When we down and boss there will be a pop up appear on your screen like this:

Pretty self explanatory just click on the button that you require and the raid leader will distrubute loot accoring to PR.

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EPGP - Our looting system and how it works
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