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 Cannonball Run!!

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PostSubject: Cannonball Run!!   Sun Aug 22, 2010 12:55 pm

I am pleased to announce that The Council are going to sponsor the very first Twilights Hammer Cannonball Run!
Why would I do this?
a) there is a prize fund!!!! b)its fun, alot of fun when theres alot of people c)its a very socialable event for all to take part in
Click FULL READING for more info Wink

1st place - 2000 gold1) 60% mounts only
2nd place - 1000 gold2) No speed enhancers
3rd place - 500 gold3) Fancy Dress is required!
everyone else - Month old Mamoth! o/4) No flight paths or cheating

60% mounts only...wtf?

This is so the event organisers can ride around on the 100% mounts and capture the whole event on fraps, aswell as opening the event up to some lower level players Smile

Spread the word!! Anyone is welcome, however we would prefer to keep it hush hush so the alliance dont ruin the days event.

ok, im gonna win this shit, when is it?

Event will start @ 13:00 server time on Saturday 28th August

Any questions please feel free to contact Niknaks in game, cheers and good luck to all!

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Cannonball Run!!
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