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 Boomkin apply [Accepted]

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PostSubject: Boomkin apply [Accepted]   Sat Nov 13, 2010 12:58 am

- A. About You -

1. Name, age, where are you from and your occupation.
Kristoffer jensen
20 years old
From norway

2. Please tell us something interesting about yourself.
nothing much, maybe when i raid i talk alot and try to telp ppl all the time:P
dont know what to write sorry.

3. Write the first silly word that comes into your head!

4. The guild relies on information posted on our forums are you the type of person to seek out helpful information and share it with others?
yes, try to help where and when i can.

5. Do you know anyone in the guild? Who and how do you know them?
nope. transfered to this server 2 weeks ago.

6. Is your application for current content or for Cataclsym?

- B. About Your Toon -

Please state your:

Character Name, Class and Race:Perfectvalue,Druid,Tauren
Armory Link:
*Please note armoury links for guests work as follows:*

If there is anything that isn't immidiately apparent on your link can you please state why.

1. Character Specs:

2. What is your rotation for single target?
trying to start with getting a lunar eclipse and then use starfall to get most out of it. i use FF, MF,IW, all the time, usaly when they run out and after i proc solar or lunar eclipse. starsurge when it procs and in the middle of solar and lunar procs.

3. Are you able to play your offspec as well as your main spec? Does your gear also support this?
yes, my offspec gear is good. tanking in icc 25man hc is not a problem.

4. What is your total time played on this character?
171 days

5. Are you making a X-Realm transfer?

6. What is your reputation with Sons of Hodir?

7. Do you play actively outside of raiding?

- C. About Guild -

1. Which previous guilds have you been in. If you are in one now why do you wish to leave?
was in everlasted on shattered hand, secondbest ally guild on the server(the guild stopped playing) iam in a friendly guild now.
2. What do you expect from us as a guild?

3. Why do you want to join this guild?
seems likeyou are on the same level i was in icc and i wanna continiue that.

4. Have you applied to other guilds?

- D. About Raiding -

1. Raiding takes alot of time and effort outside of the instance for comsumables etc. Do you have enough time to prepare adequately?
yes, always!

2. If your application is accepted. What kind of raider can we expect you to be? Give a brief description of your attitude towards raiding in both progression and farm content.
i like to raid so my attitude is good, i usaly say my opinion if i see things beeing done wrong. i help where i can and i always stay until the boss is down ever en it takes 200 trys! you will hear me on vent i speak there alot to get to know the players i play with good. i like to make 10 man hc runs for fun. maybe some of you havent downed lk hc in 10 man and we can do that:)

3. What is your raiding experience Pre-BC? In BC? WoTLK? Please state your leadership/role/responsibility
i have had brakes in the past because ofschool and stuff. but i was guild leader in the karazan time. i have raided mostly everything exept ulduar and hyal.

4. What do you feel has been your most challenging encounter and why?
atm its lk hc, i think is an easy fight but i watch movies make my own tac's and i try to do my best. i have seen alot of players thinking that ist so easy because of the 30% buff but its not. need active and skilledplayers that wants to do good.

5. Please indicate with % your chances of raiding on the following days: (We raid evenings 19:30 - 22:30 game time)
- Wednesdays 100%
- Thursdays100%
- Sundays100%
- Mondays100%

6. We use EP/GP as a loot system which rewards players on their raid activity, do you think this is a fair way of distributing loot?
yes i have been useing it for a year now so it works fine.

7. Please post a screenshot of your UI (whilst in a raid combat) and explain your addons. If you are a DPS please make sure that your recount/skada is clearly visible. (This is compulsory do not submit your application without it)
i see that you have writen that this is a must. if you declineme because of it that is ok. my ui is fine by my needs i use bartender and recound x-perl, deadly bossmods. and so on. i do about 11-15k dps in icc depending on the boss. vent in an heroic just to test it now did 13k dps so.

- E. Proffessions -
herbs- for the haste
JC- for gems

1. What are your 2 professions? If they are not maxed to the level of profession perks, why not?
herbs- for the haste
JC- for gems

2. Do you have high end recipies that you can share with the rest of the guild?
can make you gems for free Very Happy:D

hope that you liked my apply and if you wanna ask me something just whisper me ingame : Perfectvalue
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PostSubject: Re: Boomkin apply [Accepted]   Sat Nov 13, 2010 1:21 am

A boomkin! \o/ ty for your application Smile

Excellent experience and gear well looked after. Would like to see what you have to offer the guild and I hope you enjoy it on this realm Smile

Please register on the forum and contact either myself or Niknaks ingame for an invite Smile

Thanks and welcome.


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Boomkin apply [Accepted]
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