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 Dastigo elemental shamy [Accepted]

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PostSubject: Dastigo elemental shamy [Accepted]   Tue Nov 16, 2010 4:53 am

-About me-

1. My name is Aggelos, 22 years old, i am from Greece and i am studing Maths in univercity while having part time job during the week

2. I rly like cars and got 10 parrots Cool

3. Awesome...totally awesome (Chris from Family Guy)

4. Yeah i always look for infos about tacts etc and share it with my m8s ( many ppl can confirm that )

5. I know Teara Hsbtauren Kedar and a few others i raided with twice in your icc25 alt runs. Hsbtauren and kedar were my guildies in the last guild and Teara was raiding with us for a few weeks.

6. Both actually

-About my toon-

Dastigo elemental shaman Troll


1. Mainspec elemental
Offspec restoration (i will rebuild a pvp talent tree for the new arena season )

2. LB so i can give time to tanks to build some aggro then FS->LavaBurst and then elemental mastery and continue ChainL and LB till LavaBurst is available again and continue like this giving prio to LavaBurst then ChailnL. On 9 stacks of lightening shield i press ES and continue the previous rotation of Lavaburst/Chain/LB poping other cds/macros

3. I had the restoration for the random hcs with the icc/toc gear but i dont run hcs anymore but as i mentioned i will respec to pvp restoration and i had the gear for that

4. 68days 10hours

5. No

6. I am exalted with Sons of Hodir and 28 more factions lol

7. Yes i do. I like pvping, i am a mount collector and i also like doing some achvs besides raiding ones. I am also playing with my alt

-About Guild-

1. My current guild is Azeroths Finest and i am leaving cause we are disbanding it. Btw i blame rodney and rado for that Laughing
they both are two of my m8s since the previous guild

2. Raiding or even just a social/trial till cata

3. Raiding especially for cata

4. No

-About Raiding-

1. I am always organizing my time to be ready every time i accept an invitation. That means both knowing the tacts or look for them if they are new to me and having stacks of flasks, foods, feasts and gems in my bank and enough of them on me at all times. I also check elitistjerks.com after pathces to see how the new changes on my class will affect my dps and if i have to change gems enchants etc

2. Devoted and responsible. I like to complete the raids without leaving a boss that is harder than the rest. I dont mind spending time on wiping as long as all of us getting the xp of the fight so we can make it happen. I also dont mind farming and helping others with their gear and achv IF they deserve it

3. I hit 80 when the uld was the most popular raid so i miss the Pre-BC or BC xp. Because of the timing when i got decent gear to start raiding toc came up. My raiding xp now is: icc10 normal cleared many times, icc10 hc 7/12 with xp in every other boss except sindragossa and lk, icc25 normal 8/12 with xp on putri and BQ and only a few bosses on hc cause my guild was focusing in 10man raids and i hate pugging. We have downed Halion on 10man on our 2nd raid there while i was in Azeroths so i know RS too as a caster. I also have cleared toc 10 and 25 man and togc 10man every boss except anub cause only 4 ppl during that time in guild were rly interested on any hardmodes. About my uld raiding xp now. I miss few bosses on hardmode to complete the glory of the uld on 10man and i ve also been on 25man quite a few times. Do i have to mention the other "easy" for the time being raids?
I have cleared those (OS EOE NAXX10 and Onyxia) countless times. My role has always been a dps and almost never a healer cause of my quite high dps as an elem Cool I am a man u can rely on and trust all the time ( and not just on raiding ) helping with tacts info and communication as much as i can.

4. Putri hc. I believe that the only reason we didnt actually downed him on hc was cause ppl didnt want to devote a few more tries on him to get the experience in that fight.

5. Wednesdays 20%
Thursdays 100%
Sundays 100%
Mondays 20%
The reason that i cant always be online on Mondays afternoon till Thursdays morning is because i study at univercity. During holidays etc i can be online 100% everyday

6. It is fair enough and if i hate something else more than pugging is boosting players that will take the gear they dont deserve and let us down whenever they can

7. I didnt have any screensots of fights while raiding without alt+z pressed so i joined a voa run today just for that. I only use DBM, recount, omen when necessary and wow's grid


1. My proffs are Alchemy and JC 450/450 both of them ofc and also got maxed Inscr. and Engin. on my alt

2. I got almost every recipe as an alchemist even the Pre-BC ones and almost all of the epic recipies in JC with many tokens waiting and i always share them with my friends and guildies for free (including my alt's profs)
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PostSubject: Re: Dastigo elemental shamy [Accepted]   Tue Nov 16, 2010 5:51 am

We currently have a good number of elemental Shamans ready for Cataclysm, I will discuss with other officers the potential to take another.
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PostSubject: Re: Dastigo elemental shamy [Accepted]   Tue Nov 16, 2010 8:44 am

I know that u may have quite a few elem shamies at this time mostly because most ppl are looking for a good guild to join so they can actually do smthg on cata. I dont mind waiting to be in a run or an alt run so u can to test my skill or even compare me with other elementals as a trial. I ensure you that i ll be devoted and will do my best to be as helpfull as i can. Besides when cata comes some ppl may change their minds about specs and classes and i could easily fill them up. Anyway thx for your time and i ll be looking forward for an answer.
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PostSubject: Re: Dastigo elemental shamy [Accepted]   Tue Nov 16, 2010 9:17 am

I like your enthusiasm.

wsp me or Ilion in game for an invite Wink
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PostSubject: Re: Dastigo elemental shamy [Accepted]   

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Dastigo elemental shamy [Accepted]
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