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 Feral Tank Druid - Netta [Accepted]

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PostSubject: Feral Tank Druid - Netta [Accepted]   Sat Dec 25, 2010 2:15 pm

- A. About You -

1. Name, age, where are you from and your occupation.
Ole, 21, Denmark and I'm an accountant trainee

2. Please tell us something interesting about yourself.
This one is a bit hard, as it will be requiring me to describe how I genuinely 'look' at myself from a perspective regarding my self preceived idendity. So I prefer to say that, I'm a child of the stars as my bodily functions require the materials created in the massive explosion(supernova) of a star, but I see myself as nuclear waste. Quite pop'like thing to say, but to be honest, I came up with that. Otherwise, I'm a biped-carbon based life form, I love to walk upright and be curious about the world. I don't know if you will be finding this interesting at all.

3. Write the first silly word that comes into your head!

4. The guild relies on information posted on our forums are you the type of person to seek out helpful information and share it with others?
I will be reading the forums for any information regarding game play, boss tactics and theorycrafting. Will be replying to threads if my words are needed in any way.

5. Do you know anyone in the guild? Who and how do you know them?
I'm afraid I don't know anyone in 'The Council'.

- B. About Your Toon -

Please state your:

Character Name, Class and Race: Netta, Druid, Tauren
Armory Link: I can't seem to find myself on the armory page just yet, but will be updating this part of the application as soon as I can.
[code.] insert link here [/code.] (Do not include the dots within the brackets)

1. Character Specs:
Main: Feral Tanking Spec
Off: Resto PvP

2. What is your rotation for single target?
Well, I've been a Restoration Druid in PvE since the start of World of Warcraft, I've tried to experiment with the feral tanking spec in Cataclysm, any feedback or criticism on my rotations are highly appreciated. On an initial pull, I will be activating enrage, and wait 9 seconds for maximum rage before I activate [Lifeblood, which grants 450 haste for 20 seconds], berserk[depending on the boss/situation] and charge. This should make sure that I have a really good aggro on the boss, and I will not be losing aggro in the beginning. However when it comes to maintaining aggro, I try to use Maul, every time it can be used, other than that, I tend to use Lacerate often, and I try to maintain the pulverize buff. I generally never have issues holding aggro.

3. Are you able to play your offspec as well as your main spec? Does your gear also support this?
I might be even more used to healing than tanking, as I've been doing it for a far longer period of time. My resto gear atm, might support heroics, but it'd need some improvement before it can be used in the more harder, and more healing demanding raid instances such as Blackwing Descent or Twilight Bastion. I'd also have to grind some reputations for head enchants, but it shouldn't take too long.

4. What is your total time played on this character?
324,5 days, 14 hours, 24 minutes atm.

5. Are you making a X-Realm transfer?
6. What is your reputation with Therazane?
None, have inscription.

7. Do you play actively outside of raiding?
Yes I do, even though it might not be much more than spassing around Orgrimmar, looking at the auction houses, but grinding Heroics is something that I do at least once a day.

- C. About Guild -

1. Which previous guilds have you been in. If you are in one now why do you wish to leave?
I haven't been in any guilds on Twilight Hammer, but I used to raid for a guild on Dunemaul called 'Iron Edge'.

2. What do you expect from us as a guild?
Well organized raids, and a common ground with people who want to achieve progress in World of Warcraft.

3. Why do you want to join this guild?
I asked a few people around, and most suggested me to write an application to this guild, because of raid progress, and overall positive reputation.

4. Have you applied to other guilds?
Not at the moment.

5. We will be doing some PvP rated BGs, is PvP something that interests you?
Yes absolutely.

- D. About Raiding -

1. Raiding takes alot of time and effort outside of the instance for comsumables etc. Do you have enough time to prepare adequately?
Yes, I have perfected the art of grinding money in World of Warcraft, and having the Herbalism spec always help, as I am able to grind the regeants needed for the flasks myself.

2. If your application is accepted. What kind of raider can we expect you to be? Give a brief description of your attitude towards raiding in both progression and farm content.
Well, first of all, the guild could rely on me to attend raids, but the ability to take constructive criticism positively is something that is intimately connected to my personality. A Feral Tank Druid with an okay amount of experience, and skills to take on the challenges of Cataclysm. (Will be updating that one later).

3. What is your raiding experience Pre-BC? In BC? WoTLK? Please state your leadership/role/responsibility
I cleared all content of Vanilla, during Vanilla. I didn't raid so much during The Burning Crusade, did SSC and Karazhan, and eventually quit the game for a while. In WoTLK, I cleared all content on normal, ToGC10 with Insanity, while it was hard, but I never really got into/had the chance of doing ICC25/10 on heroic mode.

4. What do you feel has been your most challenging encounter and why?
Loatheb on Naxxramas 40. I found this one the most challenging bosses in my WoW 'career', first of all because he was seriously hard, and second he was incredibly hard to kill as a guild. We raided 6 days a week, for two weeks, and eight hours a day, which I was required to bring 40x+ shadow pots for each day. It devastated me, and eventually lead to me quitting the game. Grinding Shadow Pots was not funny when you were a Resto Druid back in the days.

5. Please indicate with % your chances of raiding on the following days: (We raid evenings 19:30 - 22:30 game time)
- Wednesday 100%
- Thursdays 50%
- Sundays 100%
- Mondays 100%

6. We use EP/GP as a loot system which rewards players on their raid activity, do you think this is a fair way of distributing loot?
Yes, I've been in guilds that used that system, and it seems to work fine. However I think the EPGP should reset every 1-3 months.

7. Please post a screenshot of your UI (whilst in a raid combat) and explain your addons. If you are a DPS please make sure that your recount/skada is clearly visible. (This is compulsory do not submit your application without it)
Updating this in a minute.

- E. Proffessions -

1. What are your 2 professions? If they are not maxed to the level of profession perks, why not?
Herbalism and Inscription 525.

2. Do you have high end recipies that you can share with the rest of the guild?
Not at this point, I do have most glyphs so just ask me if you need anything.
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PostSubject: xx   Sat Dec 25, 2010 2:20 pm

I can't seem to update my post.

Here is my UI though

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PostSubject: Armory Link    Sun Dec 26, 2010 11:15 am


here is my armory link.
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PostSubject: Re: Feral Tank Druid - Netta [Accepted]   Sun Dec 26, 2010 11:18 am

spoke to him briefly in game. Has had some expirience in BWD and BOT, doesnt seem (mentaly unstable)

Gets my vote.
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PostSubject: Re: Feral Tank Druid - Netta [Accepted]   Sun Dec 26, 2010 12:24 pm

Thank you for your application.
We'll get back to you shortly.
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PostSubject: xx.   Mon Dec 27, 2010 9:35 am

I'm glad to hear I'm not mentally unstable : )

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PostSubject: Re: Feral Tank Druid - Netta [Accepted]   Wed Dec 29, 2010 4:45 am

Hello and thankyou for your application.

Sorry it has taken so long to reply. The officers who deal with recruitment (myself included) are currently on holiday. We can get you in and see how you do with the rest of the members. We are slightly thin atm due to holidays so we will track your progress another way.

Please give one of our members a /w and they will direct you to an officer for an invite.

Meanwhile please register on the website.

Apologies again for the delay, I hope you enjoyed your Xmas Smile



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PostSubject: Re: Feral Tank Druid - Netta [Accepted]   

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Feral Tank Druid - Netta [Accepted]
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