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 Application Request [Accepted Social]

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PostSubject: Application Request [Accepted Social]   Tue Feb 08, 2011 12:16 pm

- A. About You -

1. Name, age, where are you from and your occupation.
Chris, 25, Office Work (Work for National Grid)

2. Please tell us something interesting about yourself.
I am getting married this year!.. oh wait you said something interesting.. nevermind! I like cheese

3. Write the first silly word that comes into your head!

4. The guild relies on information posted on our forums are you the type of person to seek out helpful information and share it with others?
generally if its of use..

5. Do you know anyone in the guild? Who and how do you know them?
I know Kenrato (Dave) - He is my best man at my wedding so know him quite well Smile
and Stube, i've gamed with for many years and met a few times at Lans

- B. About Your Toon -

Please state your:

Character Name, Class and Race:
Epicous, Death Knight, Blood Elf

Armory Link:
*Please note armoury links for guests works only with the CODE tool*
If there is anything that isn't immidiately apparent on your link can you please state why.

My link says its not available to char's under level 100 so dunno what thats about lol
Basically i'm level 79 on my main, 525 in first aid and alchemy, soon to level herblism

also have a lvl 56 hunter which im bit bored of, and a level 13 resto sharman which i wanna level up after my death knight

1. Character Specs:
Main: Blood
Off: Unholy

2. What is your rotation for single target?
posions + diseases then lots of dps

3. Are you able to play your offspec as well as your main spec? Does your gear also support this?
my gear is not my gear.. lol my gear is my leveling stuff Smile
however when in instances and the tank dies i do tend to quickly switch to blood to take agro and keep the healer alive

4. What is your total time played on this character?
5 days

5. Are you making a X-Realm transfer?

6. What is your reputation with Therazane?

7. Do you play actively outside of raiding?
I enjoy pvp alot and have pretty much stopped leveling completly because of it lol, need to get back to leveling tho
can also generally be found camped out in AH lol

- C. About Guild -

1. Which previous guilds have you been in. If you are in one now why do you wish to leave?

I am currently in Crayola and want to leave because its got no members left and my friends have joined your guild.

2. What do you expect from us as a guild?

dont know what to expect really, I guess some good conversation every now and then, some help and advice when needed and once i'm leveled i'd like to get involved in raids, events, the works Smile

3. Why do you want to join this guild?

because Dave (Kentaro) says its the best guild on the server and well all my friends are in your guild lol Smile, persides i'm pretty new to this game so only been in the 1 guild and its been pretty inactive so would be a good change to join somthing bit more lively

4. Have you applied to other guilds?


5. We will be doing some PvP rated BGs, is PvP something that interests you?

Yep Smile

- D. About Raiding -

1. Raiding takes alot of time and effort outside of the instance for comsumables etc. Do you have enough time to prepare adequately?

Like i said I live on the AH so getting hold of things wont be a problem for me lol
and being 525 in alchemy will help everyone with potions etc too if needed Smile

2. If your application is accepted. What kind of raider can we expect you to be? Give a brief description of your attitude towards raiding in both progression and farm content.

never really been on a raid so couldnt say, i'd hang back for the first few times till i know what im doing but after that i'd pretty much be first one in... after the tank haha

3. What is your raiding experience Pre-BC? In BC? WoTLK? and current content? Please state your leadership/role/responsibility

can only really judge on the dungeons i have been on so far as not been on a raid before but i generally go DPS at the minute as my gear is still leveling gear and dont feel comfortable tanking, but i find if i end up taking more agro than the tank i gladly switch over to tanking

4. What do you feel has been your most challenging encounter and why?

not really found anything that i couldnt over come yet.. mainly cos if i get a group quest Kenatro comes and kills it for me Razz

5. (For DPS) There is a group of 6 mobs with clear instructions of a killing order plus some CC's. Do you:
a) Run around screaming.
b) AoE the shit out of everything.
c) Kill in the order given.
d) Pick your nose and go afk.

depends if all 6 mobs are agro'd already or not..
if not.. then i'd choose c
if they are.. then get the tank to AOE while healer keeps em alive and all DPSer's pick em off

6. Please indicate with % your chances of raiding on the following days: (We raid evenings 19:30 - 22:30 game time)
- Wednesdays 80%
- Thursdays 80%
- Sundays 70%
- Mondays 80%

Generally if i know we are planning something I will make myself available but if not then might make plans.. but i'm generally on most nights for about 3-5 hours

7. We use EP/GP as a loot system which rewards players on their raid activity, do you think this is a fair way of distributing loot?

yeah sounds about right, nothing worse than spending days and days for something to have someone whos just come along 2 minutes ago to get it..

8. Please post a screenshot of your UI (whilst in a raid combat) and explain your addons. If you are a DPS please make sure that your recount/skada is clearly visible. (This is compulsory do not submit your application without it, please use the links in the above post to help you)

- E. Proffessions -

1. What are your 2 professions? If they are not maxed to the level of profession perks, why not?

am Alchemy (525)
& Herblism (1) - Not got time to level this yet

2. Do you have high end recipies that you can share with the rest of the guild?

dont think so.. just the basic's at the minute, tho if anyone needs anything making then consider it done Smile

*phew* didnt think i'd find the end lol Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Application Request [Accepted Social]   Tue Feb 08, 2011 1:57 pm

figured out the armory thingy lol
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PostSubject: Re: Application Request [Accepted Social]   Tue Feb 08, 2011 1:58 pm

Sorry used link instead of CODE lol
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PostSubject: Re: Application Request [Accepted Social]   Tue Feb 08, 2011 1:59 pm

Is this guy messing with us?
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PostSubject: Re: Application Request [Accepted Social]   Tue Feb 08, 2011 2:03 pm

nah i'm what they medically refer to as retarded Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Application Request [Accepted Social]   Tue Feb 08, 2011 3:12 pm

lol Ansto, nah he's not messing. I finally managed to persuade him to play wow and he started playing about a month ago. He's still leveling atm and has much to learn but i've know him for years, he's a great guy and dedicated Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Application Request [Accepted Social]   Fri Feb 11, 2011 9:56 am

Hi guys,

any update on my application as a social member? Smile

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PostSubject: Re: Application Request [Accepted Social]   

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Application Request [Accepted Social]
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