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 Rofdîur - Troll Hunter [Accepted]

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PostSubject: Rofdîur - Troll Hunter [Accepted]   Wed Feb 09, 2011 3:53 pm

- A. About Me -

1. Name, age, where are you from and your occupation.
Jim, 37, Stockholm Sweden

2. Please tell us something interesting about yourself.
I am a Father of Two and a pretty fun guy.

3. Write the first silly word that comes into your head!

4. The guild relies on information posted on our forums are you the type of person to seek out helpful information and share it with others?
OFC. How would people otherwise learn tactics, Leech Speccs, and uppdate on all drama?? Like they did before the internet.....*Horror*

5. Do you know anyone in the guild? Who and how do you know them?
Tanir (Old Guildie), Trulz (Aka THe Norwegian Freak) Old Guildie/Beer buddy (when he show his uggly mut in stockholm)

- B. About Your Toon -

Please state your:

Character Name, Class and Race:
Rofdîur, Hunter, TROLL
Armory Link:

1. Character Specs:
Main: Survival (0.9.32)
Off:none atm (Used to be MM main and Surv. OS)

2. What is your rotation for single target?
SS,ES,BA,CS (Spam till ES is back upp)

3. Are you able to play your offspec as well as your main spec? Does your gear also support this?
IF the guild would want me to go OS i have no problem with it as long as it benefit the guild.

4. What is your total time played on this character?
96 days,6 Hours,5 min,23 sec

5. Are you making a X-Realm transfer?

6. What is your reputation with Therazane?

7. Do you play actively outside of raiding?

- C. About Guild -

1. Which previous guilds have you been in. If you are in one now why do you wish to leave?
Used to be in Rehabilitated but left as there were no progress (back in Wotlk days). Started Venom Raiding with a few friends.

2. What do you expect from us as a guild?
Some good ol' raiding fun

3. Why do you want to join this guild?
I have geared up all i can on my own and miss playing with some friends and it seems to be a decent guild that has some history (Not started yesterday)

4. Have you applied to other guilds?

5. We will be doing some PvP rated BGs, is PvP something that interests you?
Mostly for Fun. Used to be a 49 Twink on this (Conqueror titel in my backpack) back in Vanilla

- D. About Raiding -

1. Raiding takes alot of time and effort outside of the instance for comsumables etc. Do you have enough time to prepare adequately?
Yupp. When i don't raid or do my Daily i am free to grind for Raiding Candy.

2. If your application is accepted. What kind of raider can we expect you to be? Give a brief description of your attitude towards raiding in both progression and farm content.
Well... I used to lead raids in my old guild (Allmost never missed a Raid). i am not afraid of nights of wipes as long as you can "see" some progress in it (That people learn etc) and farm is (or atleast used to be) a way to gear upp people who lack gear (MS or OS).

3. What is your raiding experience Pre-BC? In BC? WoTLK? and current content? Please state your leadership/role/responsibility
Vanilla = Low (more PvP and slacking), in BC i played my Feral Druid and Warlock mainly Kara and Mag. WoTLK Started on my feral druid (KS 10man, Twilight destroyer
, 11/12 25man, 11/12HC 10man, 7/12HC 25man) after that i started playing my hunter again and on this 10man KS, Starcaller, 6/12 HC,Twilight destroyer, 11/12 25man, 6/12HC 25man)
Also done Maloriak,Halfus,V & T (but on my druid) (i can give you the name of it if you wanna know)

4. What do you feel has been your most challenging encounter and why?
Probably C'tun with a 60grp (we did it for fun) but Halion was also a bit tricky at the start.

5. (For DPS) There is a group of 6 mobs with clear instructions of a killing order plus some CC's. Do you:
a) Run around screaming.
b) AoE the shit out of everything.
c) Kill in the order given.
d) Pick your nose and go afk.

On Number 5 my answer is C (Take orders and obey! Smile)

6. Please indicate with % your chances of raiding on the following days: (We raid evenings 19:30 - 22:30 game time)
- Wednesdays : 80% (Kids have Floorball practice)
- Thursdays : 99%
- Sundays : 99%
- Mondays : 99%
If i had said 100% i would have been lying as NOONE can be 100% sure as an accident may occur.

7. We use EP/GP as a loot system which rewards players on their raid activity, do you think this is a fair way of distributing loot?
i belive that is THE way to do it (then you don't have to bather with Drama over DKP)

8. Please post a screenshot of your UI (whilst in a raid combat) and explain your addons. If you are a DPS please make sure that your recount/skada is clearly visible. (This is compulsory do not submit your application without it, please use the links in the above post to help you)

Unfortunatly i don't have any Screenshots from Cata and this was THE only raid one i had. UI looks pretty much the same only that i have some other bindings and so.

- E. Proffessions -

1. What are your 2 professions? If they are not maxed to the level of profession perks, why not?
Mining/Enginering 525 on both

2. Do you have high end recipies that you can share with the rest of the guild?
Not yet.

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PostSubject: Rawr !   Wed Feb 09, 2011 6:57 pm

Rawr !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jim jim !! You forgot to mention Truls is a newb.

EDIT: Jim u could atleast have found a guild pic instead of a PuG xD

Best of luck sir !
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PostSubject: Re: Rofdîur - Troll Hunter [Accepted]   Wed Feb 09, 2011 11:46 pm

This stupid freak of a slut!!!!!! OMG, so you couldnt resist being with me again....you missed me so much.......

I've been playing online games with this dude for over 10 years now, been drinking beer with him several times when good old WSC had meetups in Stockholm....and he is the reason I started WOW back in vanilla.......so guess what, he got my vote Wink
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PostSubject: Re: Rofdîur - Troll Hunter [Accepted]   Thu Feb 10, 2011 1:39 am

Is your screen a 50 inch because I dont see how you play with that Smile

90 % addon, 10 % screen gameplay.

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PostSubject: Re: Rofdîur - Troll Hunter [Accepted]   Thu Feb 10, 2011 6:03 am

Quote :
and he is the reason I started WOW back in vanilla.

Way to go Trultz, now you really convinced your fellow officers and class leaders to take him in..
Although.. He is swedish, kudos to that... And he could be my father..
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PostSubject: Re: Rofdîur - Troll Hunter [Accepted]   Thu Feb 10, 2011 9:40 am

Well i am changing my UI (Work in progress) as even me think it goten to much Very Happy
And Trultz you know i ALLWAYS like to be around you ...It makes me look soooooo Good Razz
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PostSubject: Re: Rofdîur - Troll Hunter [Accepted]   Thu Feb 10, 2011 11:07 am

Hey and thank you for your application.

But oh god Trultz is involved! That can only be a bad thing! joke Razz

Please /w either myself or Trultz for an invite Smile meanwhile please sign up on the forums and download any addons you may need to raid with us.



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PostSubject: Re: Rofdîur - Troll Hunter [Accepted]   

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Rofdîur - Troll Hunter [Accepted]
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