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 fire mage apply [Declined]

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PostSubject: fire mage apply [Declined]   Mon Mar 21, 2011 12:43 pm

hello i'm hejsanvictor also known as uffe irl, i'm 17 years of age but not very imature, so ofc i'm in school. i like to think that i have a good sense of humor and that i'm reasonebly good at PvE, i've been playing mostly PvP up untill now in cataclysm but i have an almost full set of PvE gear, my item level as PvE is 355 and the first word that pops into my brain is popsticle (xD) my speccs are Fire: 7/31/3 and fire: 5/33/3 (main is PvP off is PvE) my rotation on single target is, scorch to get critical mass up, then living bomb, then i take a blast wave on the target, then i spam fireball and fireblast untill living bomb is out and i renew it. and ofc when hot streak procs i do a pyroblast. my professions are enchanting (525) and engineering (525) got most recepies on enchanting and engineering. my playedtime on this char is 63 days and 10h, the guild i'm in right now is a leveling guild that i joined just to get extra stuff like mount speed and honor buff. i don't have any other guild apply's atm so i'm really hoping for this one Smile. PvP is one of the best things in WoW so i would very much like to join your rated BGs. i play about 6h a day, (depending sometimes) any day of the week works for me when it comes to raiding, i'm very flexible.
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PostSubject: Re: fire mage apply [Declined]   Tue Mar 22, 2011 2:45 am

Hello and ty for your application. A little unorthodox Razz

We specifically are looking for people who have fully enchanted gear and have experience in current content. Unfortunately I cannot accept.

GL in finding a guild that suits your needs.



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fire mage apply [Declined]
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