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 Dragon Soul Raid: Warlord Zon'ozz 25

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PostSubject: Dragon Soul Raid: Warlord Zon'ozz 25   Thu Nov 10, 2011 6:31 am

Quote :
Dragon Soul is no place for fun and games. Unfortunately, that seems to be all Zon'ozz is interested in. What starts as a friendly game of catch quickly becomes a deadly round of hot potato. Get the inside scoop on how to toss the competition aside by catching our strategy guide.

L2R Difficulty Ranking = 2.4/5

This is a basic execution encounter that should not be too difficult to master. An average guild can expect to spend 1-2 days learning and executing this encounter.

•Tanking = 2/5
•Healing = 4/5
•DPS = 2/5
•Movement = 2/5
•Situational Awareness = 2/5
About the difficulty ranking: L2R ranks the difficulty of different fights based on an average of how difficult the different aspects (tanking, healing, and dpsing) are as well as the fights overall movement and situational awareness requirements. These stats are weighed on a scale of 1-5 and the values are averaged together to form the L2R Difficulty Ranking you see above. The rankings assume you are attempting the fight at the inteded gear level at the time it was most relevant.

Raid Makeup

•Tanks = 2
•Healers = 5-7
•DPS = Balanced DPS


Warlord Zon'ozz

•Focused Anger - Physical damage increased by 10%. Attack speed increased by 10%.
•Psychic Drain - Channels a wave of psychic force in a cone in front of the caster, dealing 111000 to 129000 Shadow damage and returning it to the caster ten fold.
•Disrupting Shadows - Deals 27750 to 32250 Shadow damage every 2 seconds. Will cause knockback when dispelled.
Void of the Unmaking - Warlord Zon'ozz summons a Void of the Unmaking. This void travels forward until it encounters a soul to absorb.

•Void Diffusion - Deals 180001 Shadow damage split evenly between units. In LFR mode, this damage does not split.
•Zon'ozz Diffused - When the Void collides with Warlord Zon'ozz, it inflicts a distracting shock to him. The Void Diffusion increases the damage Zon'ozz takes by 5% for every time the Void of the Unmaking bounces between players. This collision enrages Warlord Zon'ozz, causing him to awaken the Maw of Go'rath and lose his Focused Anger
◦Black Blood of Zon'ozz - Deals 13747 to 14452 damage every 1 second.

During phase one, ranged stack at the edge of the pool while melee stack behind the boss in the middle of the room. Face the boss toward ranged until the first Void spawns, then flip him to face the back of the room. In phase two, the raid simply stacks on the boss to ease healing.


Begin the fight with the correct positioning. Have ranged stack in one group at the outer edge of the pool. Tank the boss near the middle of the room with melee on his back. There should be around 20 to 30 yards between the ranged group and the melee group, but the tank should face the boss toward the ranged group until the first Void ball spawns. This will cause the Void to spawn in the ranged group and immediately begin moving toward the melee. Once it has spawned, the tank should flip the around and face him toward the back of the room. If done correctly, the Void ball will bounce back and forth between the melee and ranged stacks. Place three healers in the melee stack to heal the tank and melee and place three healers in the ranged stack to keep ranged alive. Dispels must be timed correctly during this phase since dispelling a player will deal high shadow damage to them and knock them back. If the player is knocked back to far it could cause problems with damage splits from the Void Diffusion. Try to dispel players who are close to topped or won’t be taking Void Diffusion soon. It may be helpful to assign just one player to dispels so that it cannot be interfered with too much. This also frees up other healers to focus solely on keeping players topped or close to topped. Eventually, the raid will need to allow the Void to hit Zon’ozz. If not his damage will scale too high and he will become untankable. Call out before the boss needs to be hit to allow melee time to run out. It is important that all of melee clear away from behind the boss so the Void can make sure to collide with Zon’ozz. This will begin phase two.

Immediately when phase two begins, the raid should stack on top of the boss. DPS should go all out as he can take significantly increased damage depending on the time the raid spent in phase one. Healers will need to work hard at keeping players up since the raid damage can skyrocket here. Some raids may opt to use a cooldown rotation to ease healing, but since your raid will likely see this phase a few times before killing the boss, make sure not to blow all of your raid cooldowns on the first phase two. Survive for thirty seconds and Zon’ozz will refocus his anger and phase one will begin again. Reposition properly and make sure stabilize the raid for the start of the next phase one.

Much of the difficulty of this fight will be properly bouncing the Void back and forth and healing during phase two. Once the raid has accomplished both of these tasks, a kill should follow shortly. If you enjoyed this guide or found it helpful, bookmark us at LearntoRaid.com, subscribe to us on YouTube, and follow us on Twitch.tv and Twitter. As always, we hope that this guide was helpful and we’ll see you at the next boss.

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Dragon Soul Raid: Warlord Zon'ozz 25
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