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 Dragon Soul Raid: Hagra 25

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PostSubject: Dragon Soul Raid: Hagra 25   Mon Nov 28, 2011 12:25 am

Quote :
Hagara is quick as lightning with a heart of ice. If you want to stand a chance against her, you'll need to nullify both of these and destroy her defenses. We'll show you how with our official strategy guide.

L2R Difficulty Ranking = 3/5

This a pure execution encounter so players will need to familiarize themselves with all of the abilities in each phase before succeeding.

•Tanking = 3/5
•Healing = 2/5
•DPS = 3/5
•Movement = 4/5
•Situational Awareness = 3/5

About the difficulty ranking: L2R ranks the difficulty of different fights based on an average of how difficult the different aspects (tanking, healing, and dpsing) are as well as the fights overall movement and situational awareness requirements. These stats are weighed on a scale of 1-5 and the values are averaged together to form the L2R Difficulty Ranking you see above. The rankings assume you are attempting the fight at the inteded gear level at the time it was most relevant.

Raid Makeup

•Tanks = 2
•Healers = 6
•DPS = Balanced DPS


Hagara the Stormbinder

•Focused Assault - Slices rapidly at the enemy for 5 sec.
•Shattered Ice - Inflicts 72150 to 83850 Frost damage to an enemy and reduces its movement speed for 4 sec
•Ice Lance - Deals 15000 Frost damage to a 3 yard area around the closest enemy.
•Ice Tomb - Freezes the player in a block of ice. The player will be damaged over time until broken out.
Ice Phase

•Frozen Tempest - Hagara is protected by a bubble of water, making her immune to all attacks.
•Watery Entrenchment - Drowning within Hagara's water bubble causes 15% of maximum health to be lost and reduces movement speed by 50%.
•Ice Wave - Deals 190000 to 210000 Frost damage to all enemies within 6 yards and increases their Frost damage taken by 50% for 2 sec.
•Icicle - Deals damage to nearby enemies.
Lightning Phase

•Frozen Tempest - Hagara is protected by a bubble of water, making her immune to all attacks.
•Lightning Storm - Hagara channels a lightning storm to electrocute the players on the platform. A Water Shield protects Hagara from all attacks and spells. When players overload every Crystal Conductor, the feedback stops her channeling and causes her to suffer an Electrocution.
•Cystal Conductor - Hagara conjures eight Crystal Conductors to protect herself from the lightning storm.
•Lightning Conduit - Voltage courses through the nearest target.

Positioning in phase one isn’t too important. Players may opt to stack on the boss for healing purposes. In the ice phase determine wheter the raid will travel together or in seperate groups and assign the positions accordingly. In the lightning phase players should stay near the center to avoiding accidentally chaining the debuff from the conductors. Assign a few players to handle this responsibility who will stay around the outside to complete the chain.


Make sure to assign dedicated tank healers who must keep the tank alive throughout Focused Assault. It may be best to use tank cooldowns during this to ease the healing or even try to kite the boss using ranged taunts. Raid healers will need to focus on keeping players alive who are focused with Ice Lance. This shouldn’t be too challenging, but to help out, ranged players can essentially ‘tank’ the Ice lance by standing in its way. Shattered Ice can prove to be a fatal combo if it lines up with and Ice lance hit so keeping players close to topped is a must. We aren’t sure if this will be changed, but as of testing, the Ice Blocks did not do splash damage. Because of this, players targeted with Ice Tomb, indicated by a blue arrow above their head, stacked in a predetermined spot to make them easier to aoe down. It is important to remember that the Ice Tombs do break line of sight so make sure not to tank the boss near them. Survive this phase and maximize damage on the boss since she will be immune during other phases. After a short while, the next phase will begin.

The Ice phase is simple enough in theory. Run around the outside of the platform avoiding falling Icicles, staying ahead of the Ice Wave, and dpsing down the Binding Crystals. In practice though, this can be somewhat tricky. Begin the Ice phase by running to the outside of the platform. You’ll want to stay as close to Hagara’s water bubble as possible as this will decrease the distance your character must run to stay ahead. Trying to stay ahead of the Ice Wave by running around the very edge of the platform will prove fatal. This will become more difficult as the group is forced to dodge the falling Icicles. Strafing in and out on the platform will cause the group to lose time staying ahead of the Ice Wave. Don’t hesitate to use movement speed spells or gap closers like sprint or intercept to stay ahead. Keep in mind as well, that the raid must dps down the four Binding Crystals in order to end the phase. In order to most efficiently do this you’ll want to do one of two possible things. Have the whole raid go to one crystal at the start of the phase and work their way around the platform together or split the raid into two groups and have them both circle working down crystals evenly. Which strategy your raid goes with will depend on overall dps, but both are viable if done correctly.

The Lightning phase is more complex still. For starters, the raid damage will go way up as players are caught inside Hagara’s storm. Tanks will need to pick up the Elementals that spawn and drag them toward a conductor to be killed. Once it dies, it will overload the conductor. This causes the conductor to electrocute nearby players and essentially grant them a chain lightning effect. The conductor electrocutes nearby players and these players electrocute nearby players. This effect will go on until it is either outranged or the initial charge drops. Your raid will need to use this effect to chain lightning around to the other conductors. Once all conductors have been overloaded in this way, Hagara will become stunned, take increased damage for a short duration, and the next phase one will begin.

This fight is all about execution. Each phase and section of the encounter must be handled differently and the raid will need to become familiar with all of the mechanics before succeeding. Assignments will help each phase run smoothly so don’t hesitate to give those out. If you found this helpful or informative remember to bookmark us at LearntoRaid.com, subscribe to us on youtube, and follow us on Justin.tv and Twitter. As always we hope this guide was helpful and we’ll see you at the next boss.

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Dragon Soul Raid: Hagra 25
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