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 Dragon Soul Raid: Yor'sahj 25

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PostSubject: Dragon Soul Raid: Yor'sahj 25   Mon Nov 28, 2011 12:31 am

Yor'sahj the Unsleeping is about to take a permanent dirt nap. But first, you'll need to familiarize your raid with his rainbow of minions. It's like opening up a bag of skittles. Except you wouldn't really want to taste any of these.

L2R Difficulty Ranking = 2.2/5
Once the raid understands each add's abilities, it should not be too difficult to put the fight together. An average guild can expect to spend 1-3 days learning and executing this encounter.

•Tanking = 2/5
•Healing = 3/5
•DPS = 2/5
•Movement = 2/5
•Situational Awareness = 2/5

About the difficulty ranking: L2R ranks the difficulty of different fights based on an average of how difficult the different aspects (tanking, healing, and dpsing) are as well as the fights overall movement and situational awareness requirements. These stats are weighed on a scale of 1-5 and the values are averaged together to form the L2R Difficulty Ranking you see above. The rankings assume you are attempting the fight at the inteded gear level at the time it was most relevant.

Raid Makeup

•Tanks = 1-2
•Healers = 5-7
•DPS = Balanced DPS


Warlord Yor'sahj

•Void Bolt - Hurls a bolt of dark magic at an enemy, inflicting Shadow damage.
Blood of Shu'ma Adds

•Fusing Vapors - Emits a fusing vapor when damaged below 50% health that heals all other active globules for 5% of their maximum life.
•Glowing Blood of Shu'ma - Infused with the Glowing Blood of the Old Gods. Void Bolt is now Area of Effect. Abilities have half the typical cooldown. Attack speed increased 50%.
•Cobalt Blood of Shu'ma - Grants the ability: Mana Void. Mana Void continuously drains mana, until the unit is killed. Upon death, the unit will restore all stolen mana.
•Crimson Blood of Shu'ma - Grants the ability: Searing Blood. Searing Blood deals 18000 Fire damage to random distant enemies.
•Black Blood of Shu'ma - Grants the ability: Psychic Slice. Psychic Slice deals 32375 to 37625 Shadow damage to the current target.
•Acidic Blood of Shu'ma - Grants the ability: Digestion. Digestion deals Nature damage to random targets.
•Shadowed Blood of Shu'ma - Grants the ability: Deep Corruption. While under the effect of Deep Corruption, receiving 5 heals will cause a detonation, dealing 46250 to 53750 Shadow damage to all surrounding allies.

The raid will need to stack on the boss for Red and Black Blood adds. Spread out evenly for Green Blood adds. Positioning for other Blood adds does not matter too much, but remember to be near the Mana Void during the Blue Blood add in order to regain mana.


Because the fight will change depending on which Blood adds Yor’sahj decides to spawn, there is no straight walkthrough of the fight. Instead, your raid will need to know how to handle each spawn separately and be able to logically put the combinations together. Throughout the fight Yor’sahj will spawn sets of three adds. Each one grants him a new spell and your raid will be able to choose one to kill. There are two general categories for each add. Ones that make it harder to heal and ones that increase raid damage. Blue and Purple make it more difficult to heal while Yellow, Red, Black, and Green will increase raid damage. Let’s talk about the healing adds first.

Blue causes mana void. This spell drains all of the ranged caster and healer mana and stores it in an add called the Mana Void. This add will roam freely around the boss and release all of the drained mana back to nearby players upon being killed. The first thing to remember is that because this add drains mana when it spawns and not over time, players can use mana cooldowns after it has appeared. Things like mana tide, innervate, and shadow fiend may want to be saved for this phase. The second part to remember is that the add only returns mana to players who are near it when it dies. So make sure to have ranged casters and healers stack near the add before killing it. All in all, this shouldn’t be too difficult.

Purple affects healing in another way. Players will gain the Deep Corruption buff during this phase. Any direct healing spell received will stack this buff. When it gets to 5, it will detonate dealing high damage to all nearby players. This means once a player has received 4 heals, they cannot be healed again until their stack resets. This takes around 20 seconds. To make this easier for us, we assigned a healer to each party group. One healer is in charge of group 1, one for group 2, and so on. One thing to keep in mind is that aoe heals place a stack on every player they hit. This means prayer of healing puts a stack on everybody in its party and healing rain puts one stack on everybody in the raid. Keep this in mind when using spells during this phase.

The rest of the adds will cause your raid to take more damage. The important difference between them is the positioning they force your raid into. Red will cause higher damage to players further from the boss so everybody must stack directly on top of him. Green will deal increased damage to players who are stacked, so everybody must spread out evenly. Black will spawn adds that must be aoed down so the raid will need to stack. Yellow lowers the cooldown on the rest of his spells, including those gained from adds like Red and Green. The positioning of different phases is more important than what actually happens in them and it is important that the raid understands how the phase’s positioning interacts. For example, having red and black together is good because both require your raid to stack tightly. Alternatively, having red and green together is almost impossible because green asks you to spread out while red makes you stack. Red and blue can also be tricky since the ranged will find it difficult to stack on the mana void when it dies if they need to stay stacked on the boss at the same time. Green and blue is similar because the raid should remain spread for green, but must stack for the mana void’s death. Keep in mind as well, that keeping yellow in combination with any of the damage adds like green or red will cause much more raid damage. This should be too much of a problem since having yellow and green or yellow and red means the raid didn’t get blue or purple and is free to heal, but be prepared.

As said before, it is difficult to give an exact guide for this fight because of the random nature of the phases, but it is important that your raid understands each add and its interaction with the others. Keep how the raid must position for the different adds and try to always keep two that work well together. If you found this guide helpful or informative please remember to bookmark us at learntoraid.com, subscribe to us on YouTube, and follow us on twitter. As always we hope this guide was helpful and we’ll see you at the next boss.

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Dragon Soul Raid: Yor'sahj 25
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