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 Dragon Soul Raid: Ultraxion 25

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PostSubject: Dragon Soul Raid: Ultraxion 25   Mon Nov 28, 2011 12:34 am

Just because Ultraxion put "Ultra" in his name doesn't make it true. This guy is like a poorly branded car. Does a Ford Fiesta make you party or a Scion XD make you troll? If anything your raid should take this guy down just for false advertising.

L2R Difficulty Ranking = 2.4/5

This isn't a complex encounter and the biggest hurdle will likely be sorting out healing buffs and meeting the dps requirements.

•Tanking = 2/5
•Healing = 3/5
•DPS = 4/5
•Movement = 1/5
•Situational Awareness = 2/5

About the difficulty ranking: L2R ranks the difficulty of different fights based on an average of how difficult the different aspects (tanking, healing, and dpsing) are as well as the fights overall movement and situational awareness requirements. These stats are weighed on a scale of 1-5 and the values are averaged together to form the L2R Difficulty Ranking you see above. The rankings assume you are attempting the fight at the inteded gear level at the time it was most relevant.

Raid Makeup

•Tanks = 2
•Healers = 6
•DPS = Balanced DPS



•Unstable Monstrosity - Growing Twilight instability causes arcs of Twilight energy to erupt from Ultraxion's hide every 6 seconds. Instability prevents Ultraxion from parrying attacks.
•Twilight Shift - Ultraxion pulls his foes into the twiight realm, where they are suscpetible to his Twilight attacks.
•Heroic Will - Steels the caster's mind to resist the forces of Twilight. Pulls the caster out of the Twilight realm for up to 5 sec, but renders them unable to attack, cast spells, or move while concentrating.
•Fading Light - Sucks the light out of the target, drawing them into twilight. Upon expiration, targets in the Twilight Realm will be instantly killed. Targets in the normal realm will be pulled into the Twilight Realm, and all threat against Ultraxion will be reset. Additionally, Physical damage taken is increased by 100% for until cancelled.
•Hour of Twilight - The Hour of Twilight falls upon Ultraxion's foes. Enemies caught within the Twilight Realm take 300000 unresistable Shadow damage. Enemies within the normal realm are instantly pulled back into the Twilight Realm. If no enemies are hit by Hour of Twilight, the Aspects will take the full brunt of the attack, disrupting the shield protecting the Dragon Soul and heralding the end of all life on Azeroth.
•Twilight Burst - Twilight Burst inflicts 73125 to 76875 Shadow damage and increases magical damage taken by 50% for 6 sec. Stacks.
•Twilight Eruption - Ultraxion's instability reaches maximum levels, erupting outwards as a massive explosion that destroys all nearby foes and Ultraxion himself.

•Last Defender of Azeroth - Blessed by Thrall the Earth-Warder with the immovable strength of the ancient stones of Azeroth. Defensive cooldowns reduced by 50%. Defensive ability durations increased by 100%.
•Timeloop - Captures the spirit within a finite timeloop. Any attack which would otherwise kill the target will instead bring it to 100% of maximum health.
•Gift of Life - Imbues one target with the essence of life itself, increasing healing done by 100%.
•Essence of Dreams - Imbues one target with the power of dreams. Direct healing done is duplicated and distributed evenly amongst all friendly targets within 50 yards.
•Source of Magic - Imbues one target with the essence of magic, reducing the mana cost of all spells by 75% and increasing spell haste by 100%

Positioning on this encounter is very simple. Have all players stack in front of the boss. Nobody should need to move much if at all throughout the fight.


As stated, all players will be pulled into the twilight realm when the fight begins. This will allow players to use the Heroic Will spell. One of the tricky parts of this encounter is learning how to properly do this. Heroic Will pulls players out of the twilight realm and returns them to the normal realm. While in the normal realm, players will be protected from Ultraxion’s attacks, but are not able to move, attack, or cast spells. After 5 seconds, players will be returned to the twilight realm. Players must use Heroic Will to avoid taking damage from or being killed by Ultraxion’s two primary spells, Fading Light and Hour of Twilight. We’ll discuss Hour of Twilight first. Around every 45 seconds, Ulraxion will begin casting Hour of Twilight. This is a very high damage spell that deals shadow damage to all players in the twilight realm. The damage must hit at least three players or the npcs will be killed by the attack, wiping the encounter. All players not staying around to take the damage will use their Heroic Will to temporarily leave the twilight realm. Players who stay behind for fading light will need to use powerful damage reduction cooldowns in order to ensure their own survival. Many classes can do this, but it is important to have this assigned prior to the fight. Once hour of twilight has been cast once, the boss will periodically use Fading Light. This is a debuff applied to the tank and and two random players. The debuff does nothing while it lasts, but upon expiration it will kill the player. Avoid death by using Heroic Will to leave the twilight realm before the buff falls off. This is also where a second tank will be needed to taunt the boss while the previous tank leaves the twilight realm. It is important that all players understand how Heroic Will works and when they are required to use it.

The next mechanic to understand are the npc buffs. Throughout the fight, the npcs will spawn 6 crystals that grant 3 different healing buffs. The red buff, that increases heals by 100%, the green buff that greatly increases aoe healing, and the blue buff that grants 100% haste and reduced mana costs. The raid damage will go up as the fight goes on, so healers will need these powerful buffs to keep the raid alive. Decide who gets which buffs before the fight. Most healers can make a case for the effectiveness of each buff so we won’t tell you who to give which buff to here. Just make sure that has been assigned so that healers can grab their buffs quickly and continue doing their jobs. Healers may only have one buff at a time and each crystal that spawns will only grant its buff once. The raid damage will become very intense toward the end and even though Nozdormu grants you a buff that essentially gives the raid an extra life, don’t hesitate to begin raid cooldown rotations. Keeping any player alive for a little longer can be crucial for a first kill. This fight has a 6 minute hard enrage timer that will instantly wipe the raid if you live to see it so the raid dps may easily be a factor in killing this boss.

Overall, this is a fairly simplistic dps check fight. The mechanics and spells sound much more complex than they really are so don’t get too worked up over them. For most players it will be all about doing as much dps as possible and properly using Heroic Will. Assignments are a must for the healing buffs and for absorbing Hour of Twilight from the npcs. If you found this guide helpful or informative remember to bookmark us at LearntoRaid.com, subscribe to us on youtube, and follow us on Twitch.tv and Twitter. As always we hope this guide was helpful and we’ll see you at the next boss.

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Dragon Soul Raid: Ultraxion 25
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