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 New ranks and loot rules !!!

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PostSubject: New ranks and loot rules !!!   Tue Dec 13, 2011 11:37 am

We have redesigned the ranks in the guild !

GM = Officers = 25 Core > Raiders > Trial's > Social

All 25 man raids will still be DKP based !

But we have a prio list for the ranks from this week !

The prio will be as listed above.

No member will be invited to a DS 25 or DS 10 with an ILVL lower than 380 ! The new instances are there to be farmed aswell as LFR finder !

If you dont make an effort to gear and improve your char you will not be giving the chance to raid.

If your performance is not up to scratch ( general knowledge of your class, boss tactics and dps ) and it does not improve from raid night to raid night, you will be demoted as a 25 Core and a Raider will be promoted into your spot. Same goes to Raiders that will be demoted to trial etc etc etc....

If we can not fill the open spot within the guild recruiting will be opened till we can !

We all saw in DS 25 we lack some DPS, i believe we have the DPS we need yet ppl are slacking for some reason.

We cannot progress if we dont improve as a guild !


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New ranks and loot rules !!!
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