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 Syphon Undead Rogue

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PostSubject: Syphon Undead Rogue   Sun Jan 01, 2012 2:45 pm

- A. About You -

1. Name, age, where are you from and your occupation.
Name: Adriano
Age: 26 (Born September 1985)
From: South Africa
Occupation: Network Engineer for Wireless ISP / Have own IT company on the side: Support and reselling.

2. Write the first silly word that comes into your head!
Screw Driver

3. The guild relies on information posted on our forums are you the type of person to seek out helpful information and share it with others? Where do you get your information about your class from?
Yeah, I'm always out to try and improve my game play character statistics and always helpful where I can be.

4. Do you know anyone in the guild? Who and how do you know them?
Manbearpigg (raided with him on Madness of Deathwing)
I raided with you guys earlier today as well, same encounter.

- B. About Your Toon -

Please state your:

Character Name, Class and Race: Syph√łn / Rogue / Undead

Armory Link: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/twilights-hammer/Syph%C3%B8n/simple
(For some or other reason, the link feature doesn't work?)

If there is anything that isn't immidiately apparent on your link can you please state why.
Think everything should be there.

1. Character Specs:
Main: Assassination
Off: Combat

2. What is your rotation for single target?
Spec: Assassination
Initiation: Garrote / 1 CP Slice n Dice / Mutilate / point Rupture / Mutilate / Envenom.
Rotation: 4-5 CP Envenom / 4-5 CP Rupture (only to refresh rupture debuff)

Spec: Combat
Initiation: Garrote / Slice n Dice
Rotation: Sinister Strike / @ 4CP Reveling Strike / Eviscerate
Additional Info: Only add rupture debuff if someone in raid gives +bleed damage debuff. Eviscerate will do more damage otherwise.

3. Are you able to play your offspec as well as your main spec? Does your gear also support this?
Yes. (With alot of reforging tho ^_^)

4. What is your total time played on this character?
27 Days 9 Hours

5. Do you have a link availible to World of Logs?
Never used this before, sorry.

6. Are you making a X-Realm transfer?

7. What is your reputation with Therazane?

8. Do you play actively outside of raiding?
Very much so.

9. Additional Info
Im going to change to combat mainspec as it seems that on boss fights such as "Madness of Deathwing", Blade Flurry is a must have.

Sites I use to get the most out of my character: AskMrRobot / Shadowcraft

This used to be my alt. My old main is a fury warrior

Alt - Basic Info:
Nick: Rystic
Armory Link: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/twilights-hammer/Rystic/simple
Play Time: 140 Days

Been playing wow for a very long time.

- C. About Guild -

1. Which previous guilds have you been in. If you are in one now why do you wish to leave?
Im currently in "The Primes" and I wish to leave because they our standard of gaming is too 'different'.

2. What do you expect from us as a guild?
To come along to raids as often as possible. Not to use foul language directly at someone even if they make mistakes.

3. Why do you want to join this guild?
I raided with you guys earlier. The raiding environment seemed cool, and not as stressful as I have experienced on previous guilds.
You guys seem dedicated and like minded.

4. Have you applied to other guilds?
Not at the moment, no.

5. We will be doing some PvP rated BGs, is PvP something that interests you?
I like to PvP, my warrior used to be only pvp at one stage. But, I do prefer PvE a lot more.

- D. About Raiding -

1. Raiding takes alot of time and effort outside of the instance for comsumables etc. Do you have enough time to prepare adequately?
Yes. I always make sure I have more then enough stock in bags as not to be caught off guard for raiding.

2. If your application is accepted. What kind of raider can we expect you to be? Give a brief description of your attitude towards raiding in both progression and farm content.
Ive played wow for a very long time. I still find it to be enjoyable even now. I like team play and doing guild activities even if its in farm mode.

3. What is your raiding experience Pre-BC? In BC? WoTLK? and current content? Please state your leadership/role/responsibility
Ive done pretty much all content on my warrior since Original.

4. What do you feel has been your most challenging encounter and why?
Im not really sure, but I'd have to say "LicH King" and Ragnarok Firelands.
Lich King: The encounter seemed challenging but mostly because of people making mistakes.
I cant really say that I find the game to be 'hard'.
Ragnarok: This encounter had a type of 'randomness' (if you can call it that) to the fight. Different positioning / different results and outcomes.

5. (For DPS) There is a group of 6 mobs with clear instructions of a killing order plus some CC's. Do you:
a) Run around screaming.
b) AoE the shit out of everything.
c) Kill in the order given.
d) Pick your nose and go afk.
Lol !? Is this a serious question? Id have to say, wait for tanks to pick up unCC'd mobs (if any cc's), and kill in the order giving by raid leader.

6. Please indicate with % your chances of raiding on the following days: (We raid evenings 19:30 - 22:30 game time)
- Wednesdays: 95%
- Thursdays: 95%
- Sundays: 90%
I should be able to make all raids. If I cant, I wont accept the raid. and will give a reason why I cant make it, before hand. Unless something critical happens.

7. We use EP/GP as a loot system which rewards players on their raid activity, do you think this is a fair way of distributing loot?
Im not entirely sure. If its the 'activity' stat from recount, then I dont know at all. If its 'points' based on how many times you've raided and bosses you killed with guild, then I have no objections.

8. Please post a screenshot of your UI and explain your addons. If you are a DPS please make sure that your recount/skada is clearly visible.
(For some or other reason, the link feature doesn't work?)

I dont have any in combat screenshots (recently).
I use a couple of addons, but most important ones would be:
Deadly Boss Mods - for raiding and warnings, etc.
Omen - for threat management
Recount - Damage Meters
Scrolling Combat Text + Damage - Personally modified.
Xperl - Character / Target / Party / Raid portraits.
Bartender - Action buttons / bars.
Rogue Power Bars - Rogue buffs and Debuffs

- E. Proffessions -

1. What are your 2 professions? If they are not maxed to the level of profession perks, why not?
Leatherworking / Skinning

2. Do you have high end recipies that you can share with the rest of the guild?
Yes, but not all.

Thanks for your time in going through my application.
Please contact me ingame if you would like to know anything else.

Hope I get accepted, if not, Good luck to you all.
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PostSubject: Re: Syphon Undead Rogue   Mon Jan 02, 2012 5:35 am

Thank you for your application - I am sure either Niknaks ro Ilion will answer your post very soon.

Best of luck.

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PostSubject: Re: Syphon Undead Rogue   Mon Jan 02, 2012 6:36 am

Slev wrote:

Thank you for your application - I am sure either Niknaks ro Ilion will answer your post very soon.

Best of luck.


why hate on rogues? or south africa people !

more south africa people more ladies plez
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PostSubject: Re: Syphon Undead Rogue   Mon Jan 02, 2012 9:34 am

Fais what do you mean? Fucking weirdo!
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PostSubject: Re: Syphon Undead Rogue   Mon Jan 02, 2012 9:40 am

Slev wrote:
Fais what do you mean? Fucking weirdo!

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PostSubject: Re: Syphon Undead Rogue   Tue Jan 03, 2012 8:56 am

Due to a recent change in our plans for 2012 I'll put this app on hold for till end of the week. I havn't looked at it yet so expect some grilling, questions or an answer after Wednesday.

When I am good you never remember. When I am bad...you never forget!
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PostSubject: Syphon Undead Rogue   Wed Jan 04, 2012 5:19 am

No problem, thanks for the reply.

As for the questions, ask away, I'm never unprepared ^_^.

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PostSubject: Syphon Undead Rogue   Tue Jan 10, 2012 1:44 pm


I know you said you will get back to me on Wednesday. Raiding with my current guild is causing much grief.

Sorry if I'm being persistent, but if you could get back to me, I'd appreciate it.

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PostSubject: Re: Syphon Undead Rogue   

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Syphon Undead Rogue
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